Following the Chicago fire in 1871, the rebuilding of the city sparked the paint industry. Some years later, a handful of paint manufacturers and dealers organized the Chicago Paint, Oil and Varnish Club, known now as the Chicago Paint & Coatings Association.

In 1949, a joint committee of the Chicago Society for Paint Technology and the Chicago Paint and Coatings Association set up a special fellowship program to promote paint technology education.

The labeling guidelines proposed by the industry in the 1950's were subsequently adopted "practically verbatim" by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As early as 1963, the industry was doing serious research into the safe handling of potentially hazardous chemicals. This is one of the reasons today's paint plants are among the most environmentally safe production facilities of any kind in America.

Today, our membership consists of nearly 100 companies who are committed to promoting and preserving the ideals to which the association has been dedicated since February 25, 1887.